Monday, March 31, 2008

The Telstra Story: Part 6

Hey Again,

So the last letter about not having services to disconnect fell on deaf ears. We received another standard reminder notice (shortly before Christmas '07) saying that our services would be disconnected unless we paid (at this stage, we had not services for them to disconnect). This came right around the time we welcomed a new baby into the world, so suffice to say, it slipped through the cracks and I did not respond.

So mid to late February '08, we received a letter from Telstra Specialised Recoveries, telling us that if we didn't pay them, they would report us to a credit agency and take legal action. Not fucking happy, Jan!

Oh, and did I mention that what they thought we owed them was approx $1,850??? The eagle eyed among you will be thinking back, but to refresh the newcomers.

Basically, for this number to be accurate, in a four week (slightly less) period, we would have had to rack up $1,600 for a bill that's usually no more than about $250 per month.

So, I called Specialised Recoveries, quoted my account number and asked for a fax that I could respond to. The helpful chap gave me a number, I hung up the phone and sent through my fax.

About an hour after sending it through I called them to check if they'd received it. I was told that it was a central fax line and that they would probably not get it until the end of the day, but that it should be fine. If I really wanted to, I could ring the next day to confirm.

No prob... Or so I thought.

Below is the fax I sent them.

To: Specialsed Recoveries
Fax: 03 9600-3476
Date: 25-2-08
Re: Account Number XXX XXXX XXX
Pages: 1

To Whom it may concern,

I am writing to you in regards to recent documentation received about account number XXX XXXX XXX

I note that it is a final demand for the payment of a debt Telstra believe is owed to them. I categorically deny that Telstra is owed any funds. To the contrary, it is I who am owed funds by Telstra.

Please review all correspondence on this matter before contacting me again. These are faxes sent to Telstra dated:

23rd July, 2007
8th October, 2007
5th November, 2007

Should this matter be falsely or incorrectly referred to any credit reporting agency by Telstra, I will immediately report your behavior to the Ombudsman and go to the media.

The manner in which Telstra has handled itself on this issue is an absolute disgrace!

While I will require a confirmation of any discussions with you in writing, I am happy to take a call from you once you have familiarized yourself with the history of the file. I can be contacted on XXXX XXX XXX.

However, unless you have familiarized yourself with all the documentation, don’t bother contacting me. I have already had enough of my time wasted.

Yours Sincerely,

Next week I'll give you some more info on what else happened on this fateful day. My blood was boiling to say the least and it's what finally tipped me over the edge (well, I was over already, but you get my drift)


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