Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Telstra Story: Part 5

Hey Again,

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Bit late with the update for this week. Easter Monday and all... Anyhoo, no need to be to prickly about it.

So, after the monster letter sent to Telstra in our last post, I was surprised to receive a reminder notice (apologies for no pic, but it was the standard "reminder notice") basically saying that if I didn't pay within x days, they would disconnect the service. Not wanting to leave paperwork unanswered, I sent off this fax to them.

facsimile transmittal
To: Telstra Complaints
Fax: 1800 642 425
Date: 5-11-07
Re: Account Number XXX XXXX XXX
Pages: 1

To Whom it may concern,

We have received a notice of disconnection of our Telstra services.

As you’ll note in our correspondence dated 8/10, not only have we changed providers (meaning, there are no Telstra services to disconnect), but our previous dispute remains unresolved. Telstra has not yet provided a refund appropriate to the amount it has overcharged.

I am amused, though not surprised, that Telstra would seek to disconnect a service that the customer has already… disconnected, due to Telstra’s lack of service.

I note, that we have yet to receive a cheque for our invoice dated 8-10-07. Please see that a cheque is issued forthwith so as to avoid any further legal action, which will be at an additional cost to you.

Should you have any questions, please review all the previous documentation submitted to you on this issue before contacting me, so as to avoid further misuse of my time.


Aah, the sweet irony!

Stay with me kids. There's more stupidity, muppetry and tomfoolery to come than you could possible imagine. Even now, new Chapters of the story are being created as Telstra stoops to even larger levels of stupidity (I know, hard to do, but they are excelling at this!)

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