Monday, April 7, 2008

The Telstra Story: Part 7

Hey Again,

So I find myself in a situation where no amount of calling, writing, faxing anything is helping me resolve my outstanding issues.

To: Complaints Department
Fax: 1800 642 425
From: XXX XXXXX Date: 25/2/08
Re: Account Number XXX XXXX XXX
Pages: 17

Dear Sir/Madam,

As per my discussion with one of your staff earlier today, I have been asked to send a copy of all documentation to you in this matter.

Flabbergasted by the fact that I would be asked to do this again, though told my original complaint was dealt with by a different department, I got a fax number from your staff member and duly set about putting this all together. I then realized that it’s exactly the same fax that I’ve already sent all this documentation to in the past.

Naturally, hopes are high!!!

After receiving a call from Specialised Recoveries today in which they were chasing payment, I originally assumed that it was in response to a fax I sent to them earlier in the day. I was told this was not the case and that I should send my fax to another number. Understandably, after actually taking the time from my busy schedule earlier in the day to contact Specialised Recoveries just to specifically get their fax number to address this issue, I was flummoxed that I was being told I had to resend it “to the right area”. I declined and told the lovely Myra that she could contact the right dept. and get it herself. She said she could not do that, to which I replied that my position has been made clear in my fax. She could either get hold of it or not.

I have now logged a complaint with the TIO. The reference number is XXXXXXXX.

The Ombudsman put me onto a Telstra Complaints area (which I was told it was unlikely I’d already dealt with this area) and after being hung up on not twice but three times due to the volume of calls, I was told that I would need to resend all my documentation.

Please find the following documentation:

25/2/08: Fax to Specialised Recoveries
5/11/07: Fax to Telstra Complaints
8/10/07: Fax to Telstra Complaints
24/7/07: Fax to Telstra Complaints
23/7/07: Email to

I was told by the nice chap on the phone that part of the claim for funds is for early contract termination. Read the documentation and then come back to me with a straight face and tell me that I owe Telstra funds for early termination. Look at the history of all this documentation and tell me that Telstra has dealt with this appropriately.

It is safe to say, that I am at my wits end. I’ve had enough of this. Look how many frikkin’ pages are on this fax. 17!!! Granted, I can go on, but you people bring it out of me. You’re killing me. Literally! You are bloody well killing me. I now have a “Telstra” Folder on my computer just to keep track of all this documentation, so that when the next person I speak to tries to give me a different version of events, I can call them on it!

Sort out your crap. I’m not interested in your bullshit anymore. You have wasted too much of my time.

Organize yourselves, review the docs, conduct your reviews, review the reviews, review the conduct of those that originally did the reviews and those that reviewed the reviewers, take a pause and then review again. Consult your consultants, get the consultants to review the whole review process, the reviewers, themselves and get your facts straight. Get all your department heads to sign off on a version of events and then get back to me.

I’m not resending anything, you’ve got it all.


Now, since this letter I have had some contact from Telstra Complaints (which forms part of the basis for next weeks amusing installment), but also again from Telstra Recoveries.

It appear that this is far from over.