Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Telstra Story - Coda

Aaah, if only it were so simple as for Telstra to do what they actually say they're going to do.

It's not over.

I'll update in a few days!



Tel$tra Victim said...

My Telstra Story

Short Version: Combined my old account with wife's old account on a new Group Saver plan. Still kept getting account for wife's old service. We're being charged for the CALLS and the MONTHLY FEE on her OLD account and on the NEW combined account. Yes - charged TWICE for the same service. We've made several hours worth of phone calls (sometimes they will only talk to ME, sometimes they will only talk to HER) and she has taken all the accounts into the local Telstra Shop, where the manager has attempted to have her old account closed down. No luck yet, almost a year later, and the latest bill shows she owes Telstra over $1200. She doesn't, of course, because I've paid for it all on the combined account - but try telling Telstra that.

Long Version: You don't want to hear that. We told the Telstra Shop manager part of the long version, and now he hides if he sees us coming.

Anonymous said...

Great blog!
May be I should start my own. My 'Telstra Saga' about a mobile phone plan started in August 2008, and is still going on, with Specialised Recoveries involved now too. At this stage we are still haggling and I am waiting to be taken to Court.
I believe, in my case, Telstra may be in breach of the Trades Practices Act, and I have filed a complaint with ACCC as well. Whether this will get me anywhere or I'll receive a reply remains to be seen. But that's why I am actually would like to go to Court - to find out - unless Telstra makes a business decision ...